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Our Team

» Management

Company manager

Dipl. Wi.- Ing. Peter Klein

Asst. Company Manager

Caroline Richter (M.Sc. Wi.-Ing.)

The founder of the company, Peter Klein leads the company successfully since 2001. Besides the general management his main task is the acquisition of orders. His great experience with projecting, planning, and execution of the projects ensures the optimal configuration of the process engineering already in the offer phase.

» Technical planning

Techn. Director

Elmar Dölle

Senior Engineer

Frank Schäfer

Electrical, Measurement and Control Engineering

Tobias Schmitt


Philipp Jung

The detailed configuration as well as the execution of the projects is done by the technical planning department. Therefore the newest computer applications are used to fulfil the growing customer requirements to the utmost satisfaction. Main contacts are the department manager Elmar Dölle and Frank Schäfer.

» Service/ Maintenance/ Installation

After the clarification of the technical and commercial issues, the execution and installation of the plant is supervised by KB.tec GmbH. Man power demanding projects are realised in cooperation with known and reliable subcontractors under the supervision of our own operating personnel.