Process Engineering Solutions For Fluid Treatment

The company KB.tec GmbH has set itself the task of developing and implementing traditional and new technologies for the fluid treatment. Various treatment and separation processes are used for this purpose.

  • Candle filter
  •  Gravel filter
  •  Ion exchanger
  •  Membranes
  •  Degasser
  •  Decarbonization

With the above mentioned technologies, we are able to match the customer requirements and provide solutions for the preparation and conditioning of surface and well water, and also for product fluids like glycerine, brine or sugar syrup. The development of our solutions is made in close consultation with the customer in order to consider the local and operational conditions already in the planning phase.

By using these methods, we design process engineering systems (as complete and partial solutions), e.g.

  • Softening and decarbonization
  • Demineralization/ Partial demineralization plants
  • Condensate treatment plants
  • Degasification (thermal / vacuum / catalytic )
  • Brine purification for chlorine- alkali electrolysis
  • Sugar syrup decolouration and softening
  • Glycerin Treatment
  • Potable water treatment