Project Development

The design of process engineering systems for fluid treatment plants is our core business. By using various processing and separation processes, following process engineering systems can be designed, constructed and installed:

  • Softening and decarbonization
  • Demineralization/ Partial demineralization plants
  • Condensate treatment plants
  • Degasification (thermal / vacuum / catalytic )
  • Brine purification for chlorine, alkali electrolysis
  • Sugar syrup decolouration and softening
  • Glycerin Treatment
  • Potable water treatment 


The order processing includes the process engineering and technical consulting of the individual customer requirements. During the Basic and Detail Engineering, all technical steps are designed, constructed and automated in consultation with the customer. 


After finalizing the Detail Engineering and delivery of the components to the construction site, the assembly and subsequent commissioning of the plant starts.


Beyond the commissioning of the plant, we offer Service & Maintenance services as well

as after sales service, for example training of the operating personnel.